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Our mission is to provide a forum for present and future family physicians, living or serving in Manhattan, to remain involved in family medicine advocacy, non-commercial continuing medical education, and productive partnerships with other medical professionals in and around New York City.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Institute for Family Health,
6th Floor Conference Room
7:00 PM Chapter Business Meeting
7:30 PM Featured Speaker

When does it help?
When to refer?

Surveys show that patients want more discussion of sex with their physicians. But when patients tell us about their sexual problems, we often feel that we lack the skills needed to help them. So it’s easier not to ask. If we had a better sense of what sex therapists do, we might talk to our patients more about sex.

Please join us to participate in this discussion,
share your experience and learn.

Featured Speaker:
Bryant Williams PhD
Faculty, Beth Israel Residency in Urban Family Practice


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