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  • No Free Lunch
    • A not-for-profit organization of health care providers who believe that pharmaceutical promotion should not guide clinical practice.
  • Upcoming Resolutions
    • Removing Barriers to Obtaining Prescription Contraceptives
    • Single Payer Resolution:
      The Congress approved the last “Resolve” of the Single Payer Resolution. It reads “RESOLVED, that NYSAFP promote, through its lobbyists and through member contact with state and national legislators, a single payer, universal health insurance system in New York and nationally.” The other eight “Resolves” in the resolution were referred back to the Board for further consideration. We have provided background information for each of these 8 resolves. We will discussed them at the August 12 Public Health Commission meeting and then presented them to the Board of Directors.
      The Board of Directors decided that the 8 additional resolves need to be discussed by the individual chapters and members and then come back to the Fall Cluster Board meeting. Therefore, we are putting this information out for our NY County chapter to discuss at it’s upcoming fall meeting (date to be announced very soon.)
      Members who have comments on the resolves that are under discussion can send their comments to lindaprine@earthlink.net
  • Approved Resolutions
  • FP Jobs Online
    • "FPJobsOnline is...for Family Medicine Physicians looking for new jobs and for employers looking for Family Medicine Physicians."
  • New York Academy of Medicine
    • "The Academy spearheads initiatives, or areas of research, in which scientists pursue studies and projects concerned with epidemiology, health policy, child health, biomedicine, ethics, handgun injury, infectious diseases and more. All Academy initiatives aim to enhance the health of the public, particularly disadvantaged urban populations."
  • Evidence Based Medicine Resource Center

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